Rapport de la 17ème Conference Africaine du Scoutisme à Harare au Zimbabwe

Le Conseil pour les Protestants dans le Guidisme et le Scoutisme (CPGS) était représenté par son Vice-Président Charles-Olivier Yapi. Notons aussi la présence du Chef Nathaniel Likabi, membre du Comité du CPGS qui était présent au titre de la délégation du Cameroun. Le Chef Likabi a apporté son appui à l’action de communication initiée par le CPGS tout au long de cette conférence. Le CPGS a installé un stand avec un Branding CPGS dédié à la communication et à la promotion de ses activités. »


Version française The Association of Catholic Scouts of Ivory Coast-ASCCI in agreement with the Ivorian Scouting Federation, Scouts and Guides of France, French Scouting Federation, World Organisation of Scout Movement and particularly the African Scout Support Center will be organising an activity called in particular the Center for African support organizes an activity called “ANOUANZE Fraternal Dialogue” which is a Francophone Scout event. This event is essentially for francophones and Francophiles and will have three main activities: »


English Version here L’Association des Scouts Catholiques de Côte d’Ivoire-ASCCI en accord avec la Fédération Ivoirienne du Scoutisme en partenariat avec les Scouts et Guides de France avec la Fédération du Scoutisme français et l’Organisation mondiale du mouvement scout, en particulier le centre de soutien Africain organisent une activité dénommée « Dialogue fraternel ANOUANZE » qui est un évènement francophone de scoutisme. Cet évènement s’adresse essentiellement aux francophones et francophiles et porte en son sein trois activités que sont : »

General Assembly of CPGS

Last weekend CPGS had its General Assembly in Paris, France. We thank our member Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France for hosting us and introducing us to French Protestantism. The assembly heard the reports by the chairperson and the treasurer and discussed future activities, for example a seminary for exchanging our spiritual and religious programmes. We’d like to inform you that we’ve received new corporate members from Cameroun (Les Scouts du Cameroun), Cote d’Ivoire (Éclaireuses et Éclaireurs Unionistes de Côte d’Ivoire as regular member, Éclaireuses et Éclaireurs de Côte d’Ivoire as associate member, Fédération Ivoirienne du Scoutisme as Observer), and Hungary (ICHTHÜSZ – Protestant Unity of the Hungarian Scout Association). »

Meeting of the Interreligious Forum of World Scouting

Last weekend the members of the Interreligious Forum of World Scouting (IFoWS) with representatives of CPGS, DESMOS, ICCS, IFJS, IUMS, WBSC, Sikh scouts and LDS scouts came together in Rome for their annual meeting. We had a very fruitful meeting and discussed among other things: How to help and assist NSOs/NSAs to instigate and strengthen the spiritual dimension and the interreligious dialogue within their Youth and Adult programme. How to introduce scouting within our communities. »

EUROPEAN REGION: European Scout Interreligious Forum Launch Event and Gathering 2018

The European Scout Interreligious Forum, together with the European Scout Region, gathered more than 60 scouts from 7 different faiths and religions to a weekend of exchange and planning in Antwerp (Belgium). We introduced each other to our faiths and religions, invited each other to see how each faith and religion is praying and celebrating, and had the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss with each other. And every group did some planning for a programme at Faith & Beliefs Zones at regional and world events. »

Invitation to the General Assembly 2018

You are hereby heartily invited to the General Assembly of CPGS in Paris, 6–8 April 2018. We like to invite delegates from our current and prospective members as well as guests from interested NSOs or NSAs, who are confessional protestant guide and scout associations or national guide or scout associations on behalf of their pastoral protestant committees or having protestant members. Please see the formal invitation with the agenda and travel information here and register by 1 March 2018. »

EUROPEAN REGION: Invitation to the European Scout Interreligious Forum Launch Event and Gathering 2018

The European Scout Interreligious Forum, together with the European Scout Region, invites to a (long) weekend to inspire and educate more Scout and Guide leaders to become involved in interfaith activities across Europe (please refer to the attached invitation). CPGS is therefore looking for possible delegates from its members and further NSA/NSOs attached to Protestantism. Please send me (max. 2) nominations through your International Commissioner or National Bureau with Faith Registration Form. »